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Unique Silver & Swarovski Crystal Baroque Mask 1

Baroque Silver Swarovski 1

Our Price: £75.99

Made to Order Mask – takes approx. 1-2 weeks to make when on backorder

This wider shaped mask is made from a genuine paper mache base which has been covered in a beaded fabric, then given 2-3 coats of real silver leaf paint.

Clear Swarovski crysals adorn the mask.

Unique one of a kind mask. Ties with silver ribbons as standard (wooden stick can be added as a custom feature if required)

Not suitable for smaller/narrow & petite faces as this is a wider shaped mask.

EVERY MASK WE MAKE ON BACKORDER will be slightly different to the image as that one has now sold. We use different fabrics that may have different patterns. If you have any questions regarding the mask before purchase then please email us. Each one will be unique.

Available on backorder


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