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Masquerade Mask Designers


Want to know more about making masks?

I’m Tanith and I own and run Masque Boutique. Read my interview (with myself) to discover how I turned my passion into a business I love – making truly special masks for people just like you.

Why did you decide to make masquerade masks?

I could go into a very long story about how my love affair with Italy from a young age led to me to Venice during the famous Carnivale there, where I not only got to marry my lovely husband (dressed in divine 18th Century masquerade costumes) but also hosted a masked ball back in England for our friends & family. That story would take far too long. I will, instead, tell you how creating every single mask brings a smile to my face, finding new feathers and pieces of jewellery when I’m out and about gets me as excited as a child gazing up at the gates of a Chocolate Factory, and that I love nothing more than making something that someone else loves.

Where are you based?

I really want to say ‘Sunny Shropshire’ – but obviously it’s not always sunny and not many people know where Shropshire actually is. Think West of Birmingham, out in the countryside. Very Green. For those in the know,  I’m in the gorgeous old town of Shrewsbury; birthplace of Charles Darwin and famous for it’s annual flower show. I don’t, however, have a shop here so all my products are online. This is mainly because most of my masks are unique and I know how grubby things can get when you try them on so I like to make sure that all my products leave for their new home in pristine condition.

Do you have a tidy studio, or can’t move for masks?

Erm….. do I really have to answer that?

Ok, well can we see a picture of where you work?

Yes, give me a few days to tidy and watch this space.

There are other mask sellers out there, so why should I buy from you?

Look carefully and you will see that most other websites supply either just cheap party masks that aren’t made in Venice (great if you are on very tight budget of course) or they sell the same masks as everyone else. We, on the other hand, create nearly all our masks and source anything else only from Venice. That means for the majority of our product lines, no other site will have the same masks. Choose a One of a Kind Mask from our range and they really will be completely one of a kind. To top that, I also offer a personal Bespoke & Custom Service where you can adapt any of our regular or limited edition lines  to your colour scheme or taste, or even have new masks created just for you. Where else would you find all that in one company? …Fair point.

So is your Custom Design Service really FREE?

I have a whole page dedicated to that question. Tut….I see you didn’t do your homework…

And finally…,

What else can do with a mask once you have worn it?

Is that a real question?


Right, well…you can

Hang it on your wall, lend it to a friend, play frisby with it, keep it safe in a box for the next party, put a candle behind it & use as a table decoration (you might want to watch the feathers though). Surely that’s enough?


Ok then… Wear it whilst making a You Tube video, sell it. donate it to a Charity Auction. Send it instead of a postcard (you might need to hot glue the stamp on though). Let your kid sister/brother run around the garden in it. Wear it again (Any excuse for another masquerade party)

You know, I’m done now. I have masks to make….. Busy! Busy!

Very well. Thank you for the interview.

I’m welcome.