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Below, you will find information on our leather masks that we hand-craft ourselves from the finest Vegetable Tanned leather.

Leather is a very fashionable and pliable material. We are able to mould it into masks and create unique designs that you will not find on other websites. All our leather masks are made by hand, from scratch, with only hand tools to assist us.

leather phantom maskThe leather we start with comes in a natural colour and we start making the mask (as shown in the image on the left) by drawing around our unique template design and cutting out the shape with a sharp knife. The leather mask is then dampened and the moulding process begins. At this point, details such as the shape of the nose, eyebrows and any creasing in the mask can be made whilst wet.

Sometimes we create patterned masks (such as the Gautier Phantom – right image) leather mask dyingwhich requires a hand tool stamping into the leather. This is generally done before the moulding stage so the shape isn’t distorted. Each section of the pattern is one single stamp, so the process takes time to produce a neat pattern.

Once the mask has dried, we colour the mask using leather dyes or leather mask edgingpaints (when certain dye colours are not available) and then polish the edges with a special wooden tool. This creates a neat, smooth finish on the outside, which we then coat in another dye (Edge Coat) (see right)

Below, you can see the different processes of the 3 stages of our white leather phantom mask goes through ie from a flat mask, shaped, then finished in white with a black edge dye.

phantom leather mask cutting