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Archive for August, 2015

Sex Party Secrets – Masked

Some of you may have been watching the recent Channel 4 documentary called ‘Sex Party Secrets’ which “enters the hidden world of the UK’s self-proclaimed ‘sexual elite’, meeting the meticulously vetted guests fulfilling their fantasies at exclusive sex parties” For those that didn’t turn off the T.V in shock, you will have seen the guests wearing an array of masks to hide their identity on camera – reminiscent of the infamous “Eyes Wide Shut” film from 1999 featuring Tom Cruise. Yet the masks are starting to move away from the traditional Venetian styles, and we are seeing more contemporary versions made of leather and lace, allowing the wearer to express their own personality through their mask – since their face is usually hidden. At the beginning of the documentary you will see one of the members, Charles, wearing one our uniqueBlack Bauta Leather Mask as seen on Sex Party Secrets leather Bauta masks (as shown on our model – left) which allows the wearer movement, comfort and still leaves the mouth area free for other activities. Depending on the type of “party” you plan on attending, will determine the styles of masks that would be acceptable. Venetian or classic styles can be found here or alternatively, for more erotic leather masks for both Men, Women & Couples, you might want to explore our Masque Noir shop on Etsy which is our sister site.

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