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Murder Mystery Masquerade

Does the party come before the mask, or the mask before the party?

Masks are synonymous with masked costume Balls and the Venetian Carnivale, yet some people love to buy masks just as decorative ornaments or for an event that isn’t your typical costume ball.  If you love the drama, mystery and elegance that a mask brings to mind and need an excuse to wear one, why not host your own masquerade event?

We’ve racked our brains to come up with some alternative masquerade party ideas for you that break away from the norm and offer something that’s both exciting and novel for your guests. The following lend themselves really well to a masked event and are from a world class provider of murder mysteries.

Red Herring Games is an international supplier of murder mystery games with their kits offering a no fun: no fee guarantee.  What better excuse to wear your mask than at a murder mystery where everyone is playing someone else, and nobody is who they appear…

So these are our top two picks… although they do have over 70 titles to choose from – any of which could become a masked event with a little license…

mardi gras masquerade murderMardi Gras Masquerade Murder – is set in New Orleans at the time of their big Mardi Gras celebrations.  Fortunately you don’t have to wait for Mardi Gras to play!  Available all year round, this murder mystery dinner party can play out in your own home over a three course meal, or you can use the large group script version of the same murder mystery game to entertain up to 100 people at a bigger masked ball.


Bump Off at the Grind is a burlesque themed murder mystery for bump off at the grind murder mystery burlesque masqueradegirls only.

Masks have long been associated with the burlesque world and we certainly have some gems in our collection that would suit a corset-wearing tease.

Based on real burlesque dancers (with their permission of course) this murder mystery kit is perfect for hen parties or all girl socials, giving you a real excuse to let your hair down (or put it up) and don a mysterious but tempting mask as part of your new persona.



Murder mystery games make great excuses for fundraisers, and what better way to have a spectacular excuse for wearing your mask?  If you want to host a masked ball event and think either of these murder mysteries would be a great excuse, then why not contact us to discuss your mask requirements.

We are linked to a number of wholesalers and will be able to provide you with a bulk discount on cheaper low-cost “off the peg” masks for your event if you wish to supply your guests directly. Or, we can offer special discount for your event in the way of a discount code, allowing your guests to choose their own from our unique handmade and exclusive collection.

If you choose to go with a particular murder mystery theme and want masks to match, then we can customise these for you with no design fee.

E-mail us now on

Alternatively, browse through our many lines of masquerade masks for Men, Women and Couples and I’m sure we will have something suitable for you.

My Green Gene Photoshoot World Masks

Masquerade Masks with Country USA, UK, China, Nigeria, Brazil FlagsRecently I was commissioned to make a range of masquerade masks with a Flag theme – including countries as Brazil, China, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and of course, Nigeria.

I started to produce the main bases which were all hand-painted with multiple coats of paint (see image to the left) and then added decorations such as feathers, glitter etc to enhance their interest as they were for a photo-shoot and needed to stand out on camera. The British Flag mask was adorned with large ostrich feathers at the top, glitter on the red cross with pearl rhinestones and a royal blue rhinestone at the top. The China Mask had gorgeous red ostrich flu added to the side with a huge gold flower and gold glittery starts to the side. Lastly, the Nigeria Mask had a white trim, green glitter and a mix of green & white feathers added at the top to make this simple flag mask sparkle.

The images below are the final shots from the My Green Gene photoshoot which are now shown on their website, promoting their latest awards event. I think they look fabulous, do you?

UK & Brazil Flag Masks My Green Gene

Nigerian Flag Mask My Green Gene My Green Gene is aChina Flag Mask My Green Gene motivational and educative heritage magazine which celebrates the role models of Nigeria Heritage home and Diaspora and is showcasing its night of recognition of individuals, groups and organisations of Nigerian Heritage at the GPLUS awards on Sunday, August 7,2016.

The awards ceremony is held in the city of Manchester, UK,  at IWM North The Quays Trafford Wharf Road Manchester M17 1TZ and will play host to the maiden edition of The GPLUS AWARDS.  Event starts at 5pm while Red carpet starts at 5:30pm.

Other projects in the pipeline are: The GBLOOD CARNIVAL; aimed at celebrating Nigeria’s independence, MYGREENE GENE RESOURCE CENTRE (ONLINE) plus an Interactive centre; This would serve and a one stop information reservoir on the Nigerian heritage plus MY GREEN GENE HOUR ON CNN which will showcase interviews and documentaries on achievers and achievements of Nigerians.

Get your tickets to this amazing event that will showcase culture and entertainment from the heart of GIANT of AFRICA.


Tis the Season to be Masked

Ornate Black & Gold Masquerade MaskWith the Autumn shedding its last few golden leaves and the dark nights fast approaching, we turn to the forthcoming Festive season to brighten up our grey days.

With parties galore running throughout November & December – all leading up to the ultimate New Year Party,  Masked Balls in are full swing and are as popular as ever.

A Masquerade is more than just about donning a mask. It evokes a sense of fun, mystery and opulence to any event, giving your guests the opportunity to not only be creative, but to socialise more freely as they feel ‘hidden’ from their shyness.

For Traditional Masked Balls with 18th Century costumes, we recommend going for more of a Genuine Venetian Mask to match the men’s outfits. Keeping to theatrical style masks such as the Joker, Columbina, Long Nose Masks and Phantom Masks, they work perfectly with this era. For women, a traditional feather masks with Venetian Base works well, along with Ornate Baroque Venetian Masks which we specialise in.

For Modern Day Black Tie Masked Balls, choose something elegant & refinded. Don’t afraid to be creative, be daring and be different from the rest. There is no reason you have to stick to just a black mask.

For a general Masquerade Party, any type of mask goes. It can be a budget mask right through to a really expensive ornate mask. Whatever makes you feel good and is within your budget.

If you are attending a Masked Ball this Christmas, or a New Year Masquerade Party, feel free to e-mail us if you need any help choosing an appropriate mask to wear with your outfit.

Can’t find a masquerade mask you like or that matches? Then choose our Custom Mask Design Service (at no extra charge) and have a mask made just for you


Why choose us to supply your Masked Ball or Masquerade Party for your event?

Having supplied numerous high-end masquerade events all over the world, we offer a personal service with attention to detail and high quality products. We stock a range of Genuine Imported Venetian Masks for authentic Masked Balls, and the rest we design and make ourselves here in England.

We can offer:-

  • bulk mask discounts on large orders
  • Discount codes for your guests to use on their mask purchase directly from our website
  • Charity donation on sales
  • Branded Masquerade Masks with your company logo or event name on
  • High quality products that are made in the UK.
  • Masks designed to your specific colours or theme

For further information, contact us at or via the Contact Us page.