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My Green Gene Photoshoot World Masks

Masquerade Masks with Country USA, UK, China, Nigeria, Brazil FlagsRecently I was commissioned to make a range of masquerade masks with a Flag theme – including countries as Brazil, China, United Kingdom, USA, Canada and of course, Nigeria.

I started to produce the main bases which were all hand-painted with multiple coats of paint (see image to the left) and then added decorations such as feathers, glitter etc to enhance their interest as they were for a photo-shoot and needed to stand out on camera. The British Flag mask was adorned with large ostrich feathers at the top, glitter on the red cross with pearl rhinestones and a royal blue rhinestone at the top. The China Mask had gorgeous red ostrich flu added to the side with a huge gold flower and gold glittery starts to the side. Lastly, the Nigeria Mask had a white trim, green glitter and a mix of green & white feathers added at the top to make this simple flag mask sparkle.

The images below are the final shots from the My Green Gene photoshoot which are now shown on their website, promoting their latest awards event. I think they look fabulous, do you?

UK & Brazil Flag Masks My Green Gene

Nigerian Flag Mask My Green Gene My Green Gene is aChina Flag Mask My Green Gene motivational and educative heritage magazine which celebrates the role models of Nigeria Heritage home and Diaspora and is showcasing its night of recognition of individuals, groups and organisations of Nigerian Heritage at the GPLUS awards on Sunday, August 7,2016.

The awards ceremony is held in the city of Manchester, UK,  at IWM North The Quays Trafford Wharf Road Manchester M17 1TZ and will play host to the maiden edition of The GPLUS AWARDS.  Event starts at 5pm while Red carpet starts at 5:30pm.

Other projects in the pipeline are: The GBLOOD CARNIVAL; aimed at celebrating Nigeria’s independence, MYGREENE GENE RESOURCE CENTRE (ONLINE) plus an Interactive centre; This would serve and a one stop information reservoir on the Nigerian heritage plus MY GREEN GENE HOUR ON CNN which will showcase interviews and documentaries on achievers and achievements of Nigerians.

Get your tickets to this amazing event that will showcase culture and entertainment from the heart of GIANT of AFRICA.


Made In Chelsea Masked Ball Masquerade 2015

For those of you who watched ‘Made In Chelsea’ Season 10’s, Episode 11 ‘New Year’, you may have seen some of our unique designer masks featured in their Black & White Masquerade Masked Ball. We were asked to supply some masks in the black & white theme and decided to offer some up some of our unique designs – ones that you won’t find anywhere else.

We had a few more featured in the background of the show that you may see fleetingly, but the masks below can be seen on the main characters:-

Alik Afus was of course wearing our handcrafted leather mask (would he have chosen anything else!) calledAlik leather mask in Made In Chelsea the ‘Fausto‘, Men's Luxury Designer Black Patterned Leather Venetian Columbina Masquerade MaskAlik mask MIC season 10 masquerade








Sam Thompson (peeping out behind Alik there) was wearing our ‘Angular Black‘ mask which is a design we have created ourselves

Sam made in chelsea season 10 masquerade maskAngular Black Men's Masquerade Mask MICSam Made in Chelsea Maskquerade Season 10 New Year







Ollie Locke was wearing our handmade unique black & white ‘Curve’ mask – which is also available in many colour combinations.

Men's Black & White Curve Venetian MaskOllie Locke made in chelsea masquerade season 10













Victoria Baker Harber was wearing a special custom French black lace beaded mask we created especially for the show in a Swan shape.Victoria Made In Chelsea Lace Mask Masquerade Season 10 12439069_1110001939013048_3901034060910814565_n











We didn’t supply Louise or Binky’s mask on the show, but this unisex metal filigree eye mask is available on our site to purchase. Binky wore it plain and Louise wore a version with crystals. We can customise this for you with crystals on request. (top image shows Louise wearing it with Alik)

Metal Filigree Mask Made in Chelsea Louise Binky Season 10

ALLURE Magazine Mask Shoot Dec 2015

For those that read ALLURE Magazine’s December 2015 issue, you may have seen one of our gorgeous One of a Kind masks featured in the Fashion section.

The feature ‘Night Lights’ – photographed by Sebastian Kim, showed a model in a fur trim holding our Pippa silver unique Swarovski mask. This mask is now available to purchase – but be quick as we have only made one!

ALLURE Magazine Dec 15 Night Light Silver Masquerade Mask

ALLURE Magazine Dec 15 Night Light Silver Masquerade Mask

Mask Shoot with ASIANA Wedding Magazine

Recently we loaned some of our Luxury Gold Masquerade Masks for a shoot to be featured in the UK’s top Asiana Wedding Magazine by Seema Sarees.

The resulting images are simply stunning. The masks featured can be found by clicking on each image and include our Gold Peacock Mask, our Gold Metal Filigree Katherine Masks and two of our One of a Kind Baroque Masks.

Gold Monsoon Peacock Mask

Gold Monsoon Peacock Mask

Gold Katherine Metal Filigree Mask

Gold Katherine Metal Filigree Mask

Regina Baroque Gold Embellised Mask

Regina Baroque Gold Embellised Mask

Regina Gold Mask

Regina Gold Mask

Sex Party Secrets – Masked

Some of you may have been watching the recent Channel 4 documentary called ‘Sex Party Secrets’ which “enters the hidden world of the UK’s self-proclaimed ‘sexual elite’, meeting the meticulously vetted guests fulfilling their fantasies at exclusive sex parties” For those that didn’t turn off the T.V in shock, you will have seen the guests wearing an array of masks to hide their identity on camera – reminiscent of the infamous “Eyes Wide Shut” film from 1999 featuring Tom Cruise. Yet the masks are starting to move away from the traditional Venetian styles, and we are seeing more contemporary versions made of leather and lace, allowing the wearer to express their own personality through their mask – since their face is usually hidden. At the beginning of the documentary you will see one of the members, Charles, wearing one our uniqueBlack Bauta Leather Mask as seen on Sex Party Secrets leather Bauta masks (as shown on our model – left) which allows the wearer movement, comfort and still leaves the mouth area free for other activities. Depending on the type of “party” you plan on attending, will determine the styles of masks that would be acceptable. Venetian or classic styles can be found here or alternatively, for more erotic leather masks for both Men, Women & Couples, you might want to explore our Masque Noir shop on Etsy which is our sister site.

Looking for a party to attend? Checkout these links as shown on the Channel 4 site:-   Killing Kittens Parties:- Heaven Circle:-