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Fifty Shades Darker – mask inspiration

christian grey mask 50 shades darkerThe popular and raunchy franchise is back – yes, Fifty Shades of Grey now has it’s sequel released in cinemas called ‘Fifty Shades Darker’. Amidst the excitement (especially for us) is the Masked Ball scene, aptly named ‘The Masquerade Ball’ which takes place in the mansion of the Grey family.Silver Anastasia 50 shades darker Lace Masquerade Mask

The famous mask as worn by Anastasia Steele is a silver lace, dotted with crystals. You can buy our metal version of her mask here which is exactly the same shape and style:-

Elegant, sheer and lightweight, this silver filigree mask is suitable for most face shapes and looks stunning in the light. However, if you love this shape of mask but are not a fan of silver, then we also stock it in black & gold


Black leather Columbina Christian Grey 50 shades darkerAs for Christian Grey… well we have a number of masks which would be perfect and all made by us from genuine vegchristian grey mask 50 shades darker tanned leather. For a fuller coverage, we have a classic Venetian Leather Columbina (far left) which is flexible, suitable for all face shapes and has a soft suede inner against the face.



If you prefer less coverage, then we have slim leather eye mask which is also made by us fromLeather Highway Man Zorro Eye Mask genuine leather andmens black leather eye mask is comfortable and soft to wear. (left)

Or, an even narrower eye mask can be found here (right)


We also found an amazing video with 360 degree view of the masked ball so you can fully immerse yourself into the scene and explore all the amazing masks worn for the special event. Visit the link to view the video….

Go Inside Fifty Shades Darker’s Masquerade Ball with Christian and Ana in this Virtual Reality Exclusive!

Murder Mystery Masquerade

Does the party come before the mask, or the mask before the party?

Masks are synonymous with masked costume Balls and the Venetian Carnivale, yet some people love to buy masks just as decorative ornaments or for an event that isn’t your typical costume ball.  If you love the drama, mystery and elegance that a mask brings to mind and need an excuse to wear one, why not host your own masquerade event?

We’ve racked our brains to come up with some alternative masquerade party ideas for you that break away from the norm and offer something that’s both exciting and novel for your guests. The following lend themselves really well to a masked event and are from a world class provider of murder mysteries.

Red Herring Games is an international supplier of murder mystery games with their kits offering a no fun: no fee guarantee.  What better excuse to wear your mask than at a murder mystery where everyone is playing someone else, and nobody is who they appear…

So these are our top two picks… although they do have over 70 titles to choose from – any of which could become a masked event with a little license…

mardi gras masquerade murderMardi Gras Masquerade Murder – is set in New Orleans at the time of their big Mardi Gras celebrations.  Fortunately you don’t have to wait for Mardi Gras to play!  Available all year round, this murder mystery dinner party can play out in your own home over a three course meal, or you can use the large group script version of the same murder mystery game to entertain up to 100 people at a bigger masked ball.


Bump Off at the Grind is a burlesque themed murder mystery for bump off at the grind murder mystery burlesque masqueradegirls only.

Masks have long been associated with the burlesque world and we certainly have some gems in our collection that would suit a corset-wearing tease.

Based on real burlesque dancers (with their permission of course) this murder mystery kit is perfect for hen parties or all girl socials, giving you a real excuse to let your hair down (or put it up) and don a mysterious but tempting mask as part of your new persona.



Murder mystery games make great excuses for fundraisers, and what better way to have a spectacular excuse for wearing your mask?  If you want to host a masked ball event and think either of these murder mysteries would be a great excuse, then why not contact us to discuss your mask requirements.

We are linked to a number of wholesalers and will be able to provide you with a bulk discount on cheaper low-cost “off the peg” masks for your event if you wish to supply your guests directly. Or, we can offer special discount for your event in the way of a discount code, allowing your guests to choose their own from our unique handmade and exclusive collection.

If you choose to go with a particular murder mystery theme and want masks to match, then we can customise these for you with no design fee.

E-mail us now on

Alternatively, browse through our many lines of masquerade masks for Men, Women and Couples and I’m sure we will have something suitable for you.

Which Valentines Mask for your Masked Ball

As the dark Winter nights begin to get lighter, the leftover Christmas treats have all been eaten and you think all the celebrating has been done….. well don’t forget Valentines Day!

My first ever experience of a Masquerade was actually on Valentines day in London many many years ago. My housemate had invited me and as masks weren’t widely available in those days (I’m not that old – honestly!), I decided to make my own. At the time, I worked in Stained Glass Conservation and used my creative skills to put together (what turned out to be a very heavy mask!) a card creation which had lots of copper wire coming out of the top which was wrapped around different copper-foiled coloured glass.

So for those who like to celebrate this romantic day, what better way than to attend a Valentines Masquerade Ball. Perfect for couples, first dates and singles – the masquerade lends itself to an air of mystery, intrigue and excitement.

Aside from the dress, the most important item you need to choose is the mask. A Valentines Ball is all about elegance and romance and this should be portrayed in your mask.

Personally I love the colour red with this theme. Either as a dress (there are some stunning dresses out there in this colour) or, on the mask. Black & red works perfectly – as does silver and red.

Here are a few ideas that could work as your Valentines Mask:-

Monsoon Black & Red Venetian Crystal Peacock Mask Luxury Red & Black Swarovski Crystal Bird Venetian Masquerade Mask fRed Diamond Venetian Nose MaskRed & Black Gothic Rose Venetian Mask Antonio Red & Gold Venetian Paper mache Half MaskWine & Gold Music Maskone of a kind black & red embelllished feather mask bwomens red & black feather flower valentines masquerade mask











If you are looking at attending a Valentines Masquerade Ball, then have a look at a few of these events for 2016:-

Garden of Eden Valentines Masked Ball, London

Valentines Masked Ball, Barkingside

Lost Hearts Valentines Masked Ball, London

Valentines Masked Ball, Bury St Edmonds


Festive Masked Ball Season

As the Autumn turns into Winter and the festive season approaches, November and December becomes filled with a whirlwind of Masked Balls in all manner of guises. We look at a few of the favourite Ball themes, and find out which masks would be perfect with each one.

James Bond Black Tie 007 Theme

Men's James Bond Black Tuxedo Suit Leather Masquerade MaskLuxury Metallic Bronze & Black Swarovski Crystal Bird Venetian Masquerade Masks“Shaken, not stirred”. Glamorous, elegant and daring brings to mind this mask theme. For women, a mask that is elegant but also indulgent, perhaps covered in crystals or large diamante pieces. The ultimate Bond Mask – just short of a hidden spy camera, is made to look like a Tuxedo. Hand crafted leather with sewn on bow tie and Swarovski Crystals as the ‘shirt’ buttons. True luxury and something people will remember you by.

Venetian 18th Century Masquerade Theme

couples silver genoa venetian masksUnique Luxury Couture Expensive Gold Baroque Ornate Venetian Masquerade Mask dThis Masked Ball theme brings to mind the rich decadent costumes and giant powdered wigs commonly worn to these events. The masks worn should ideally be of a more traditional Venetian style or, if the event is not strict on dress code, an ornate Baroque style mask that is also very decadent and enhances your costume.


Winter Wonderland Masquerade Theme

His and Hers Mirror Venetian MasksUnique Bridal Winter Ivory White Light Up Masquerade Mask The Winter Wonderland Masquerade sees masks of sparkly white and silver, illuminated with fairy lights. This is a dazzling theme to have, reminiscent of a White Christmas. Go for anything that sparkles here in Silver, White and Platinum Mask colours.

A Halloween Masquerade

Halloween Leather Devil MaskHalloween Masquerade Masks

Halloween – my favourite holiday of the year. It beats my Birthday and blows Christmas out of the water. Why do I love it so much? Because of the fun, the costumes, the masquerade parties and the imaginative decorations. With Halloween, anything goes.

My first taste of Halloween was as a child where I remember making my own costumes (Count Dracula cape from a black bin liner and a cardboard collar!) to go trick or treating in, and donning paper masks that I could hide behind so nobody knew me.

My next experience was to be many years later whilst on a trip to the USA. The Halloween festivities were just phenomenal. I mean, the decorations on the local houses, the amazing costume parties and the food… left me with a need to carry on the tradition here. So for the past few years, I have gone to town with decorating my house, having themed Halloween costume parties and have also experienced my very first Halloween Masquerade Ball in Whitby, where I got to dress up as Marie Antoinette, wearing my own specially designed Masquerade Mask.

With Halloween drawing closer, the frantic search for Halloween Costumes and Halloween Masquerade Masks is on. Take a look at some of our Halloween & Gothic themed Mask suggestions below which are suitable for every theme:-

Halloween Masks

So you are going to a Halloween Masquerade or Masked Ball. These sort of events are usually elegant affairs with Black Tie dress and masquerade masks as a must have. Forget the rubber masks and horror character masks and go for a chic Gothic Masquerade Mask for this type of event, which is both elegant and gives a nod to Halloween:-

elegant metal filigree vampire masquerade mask

elegant gothic vampire mask

Purple & Black Gothic Skull Halloween Masquerade Mask

Gothic Purple & Black Raven Mask

Red & Black Gothic Rose Halloween Masquerade Mask

Red & Black Gothic Rose Mask

Men's Black & White Spider Web Venetian Mask

Men’s Black & White Spider Mask








Going to a Halloween Masquerade that is also a costume party? This is the most flexible of parties and so your Halloween Masquerade Mask can be anything from a classic devil mask (see image at the top of the page), right through to a perhaps less scary Superhero mask. Check these ideas out below:-

Red & Black Halloween Venetian Mask

Flame/Fire Mask

Women's red leather halloween devil masquerade mask

Women’s Devil Mask

couple’s bat masks

Gold Metal Filigree Skull Mask





Whichever Halloween Party you choose to go to this year, make sure you take your mask!

View all of our Halloween Masquerade Masks for Men & Women here

We offer fast Next Day Shipping on our Halloween Masquerade Masks and a 2-3 day courier service to the USA.

For Halloween Costumes ideas, visit Fancy Dress Bash here