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A Halloween Masquerade

Halloween Leather Devil MaskHalloween Masquerade Masks

Halloween – my favourite holiday of the year. It beats my Birthday and blows Christmas out of the water. Why do I love it so much? Because of the fun, the costumes, the masquerade parties and the imaginative decorations. With Halloween, anything goes.

My first taste of Halloween was as a child where I remember making my own costumes (Count Dracula cape from a black bin liner and a cardboard collar!) to go trick or treating in, and donning paper masks that I could hide behind so nobody knew me.

My next experience was to be many years later whilst on a trip to the USA. The Halloween festivities were just phenomenal. I mean, the decorations on the local houses, the amazing costume parties and the food… left me with a need to carry on the tradition here. So for the past few years, I have gone to town with decorating my house, having themed Halloween costume parties and have also experienced my very first Halloween Masquerade Ball in Whitby, where I got to dress up as Marie Antoinette, wearing my own specially designed Masquerade Mask.

With Halloween drawing closer, the frantic search for Halloween Costumes and Halloween Masquerade Masks is on. Take a look at some of our Halloween & Gothic themed Mask suggestions below which are suitable for every theme:-

Halloween Masks

So you are going to a Halloween Masquerade or Masked Ball. These sort of events are usually elegant affairs with Black Tie dress and masquerade masks as a must have. Forget the rubber masks and horror character masks and go for a chic Gothic Masquerade Mask for this type of event, which is both elegant and gives a nod to Halloween:-

elegant metal filigree vampire masquerade mask

elegant gothic vampire mask

Purple & Black Gothic Skull Halloween Masquerade Mask

Gothic Purple & Black Raven Mask

Red & Black Gothic Rose Halloween Masquerade Mask

Red & Black Gothic Rose Mask

Men's Black & White Spider Web Venetian Mask

Men’s Black & White Spider Mask








Going to a Halloween Masquerade that is also a costume party? This is the most flexible of parties and so your Halloween Masquerade Mask can be anything from a classic devil mask (see image at the top of the page), right through to a perhaps less scary Superhero mask. Check these ideas out below:-

Red & Black Halloween Venetian Mask

Flame/Fire Mask

Women's red leather halloween devil masquerade mask

Women’s Devil Mask

couple’s bat masks

Gold Metal Filigree Skull Mask





Whichever Halloween Party you choose to go to this year, make sure you take your mask!

View all of our Halloween Masquerade Masks for Men & Women here

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