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Archive for January, 2016

Masquerade Masks for a Sweet 16

gold & emerald petite mask for sweet 16Turning 16 is one of those special moments in a girl’s life – especially in the USA where a Sweet 16 is an important coming of age event.

One of the most popular themes for a Sweet 16 is the ‘Masquerade’, which can cover anything from a Traditional Venetian Masquerade to a very modern affair. Whichever theme you have chosen for your party, you will want that special mask to go with your special dress.

Here at Masque Boutique, we pride ourselves on being able to create beautiful unique masks to match your dress – with no design fee and working to your budget*.

We can customise styles that are already on our website by changing colours, adding feathers or mix and matching pieces from one mask onto another. Or, we can create something completely unique and extravagent embellished with Swarovski crystals, pearls, diamante and vintage jewellery pieces.

If you want masks for your family, we can create these too!

Choosing the Mask Basics – Size & Colour

You may already know the sort of mask you want to wear and just need it colour matching. If you have a specific colour in mind, we can send out samples of colours to ensure it is going to work first. Allow 1-2 weeks for these to arrive from the UK. We try to ensure the colours on screen are as close to the original as possible, but sometimes the camera and screen may alter colours so they could be lighter/darker than shown.

Size wise – the majority of young women will want to go for a mask that is more petite in size than our standard masks. We generally have 3 styles of petite masks that we can swap with our standard bases if required. These are suitable for slimmer face shapes. If you have a wide or rounder face then a standard mask would be better. Have a look at our ready to order petite mask section for ideas on the shapes available.

Prefer a mask on a stick? That’s ok because all of our masks can be put on a stick via the website or on request.

Matching the mask to your dress

jewelled silver gold peach and beige dressPlease send us a picture of dress (either via a web link or a clear image that shows the detail and correct colour) and your budget and an idea of the mask shape/style you are wanting (choose one from our website) and we can help design one that compliments your dress.

The dress on the left was one we recently made a mask for. The skirt was a peach/beige colour and the top was a heavy embellished mix of silver & gold beads with crystals. The mask we made was a wider shape mask with a beaded silver leaf painted base, which was covered in freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, diamante stones and had a side of beige gold ostrich feathers, gold veiling and a large diamante decoration. (something like this would start at £150 GBP but we can make similar masks with less decorations for a smaller budget)Sweet 16 jewelled mask with pearls, silver & champagne gold Sweet 16 jewelled mask with pearls, silver & champagne gold





Why not look at some of our ready made One of a Kind masks that noone else will have and are ready to ship. You can also add sticks to these masks!

Please contact us at if you would like to discuss having a Sweet 16 Mask made.

Which Valentines Mask for your Masked Ball

As the dark Winter nights begin to get lighter, the leftover Christmas treats have all been eaten and you think all the celebrating has been done….. well don’t forget Valentines Day!

My first ever experience of a Masquerade was actually on Valentines day in London many many years ago. My housemate had invited me and as masks weren’t widely available in those days (I’m not that old – honestly!), I decided to make my own. At the time, I worked in Stained Glass Conservation and used my creative skills to put together (what turned out to be a very heavy mask!) a card creation which had lots of copper wire coming out of the top which was wrapped around different copper-foiled coloured glass.

So for those who like to celebrate this romantic day, what better way than to attend a Valentines Masquerade Ball. Perfect for couples, first dates and singles – the masquerade lends itself to an air of mystery, intrigue and excitement.

Aside from the dress, the most important item you need to choose is the mask. A Valentines Ball is all about elegance and romance and this should be portrayed in your mask.

Personally I love the colour red with this theme. Either as a dress (there are some stunning dresses out there in this colour) or, on the mask. Black & red works perfectly – as does silver and red.

Here are a few ideas that could work as your Valentines Mask:-

Monsoon Black & Red Venetian Crystal Peacock Mask Luxury Red & Black Swarovski Crystal Bird Venetian Masquerade Mask fRed Diamond Venetian Nose MaskRed & Black Gothic Rose Venetian Mask Antonio Red & Gold Venetian Paper mache Half MaskWine & Gold Music Maskone of a kind black & red embelllished feather mask bwomens red & black feather flower valentines masquerade mask











If you are looking at attending a Valentines Masquerade Ball, then have a look at a few of these events for 2016:-

Garden of Eden Valentines Masked Ball, London

Valentines Masked Ball, Barkingside

Lost Hearts Valentines Masked Ball, London

Valentines Masked Ball, Bury St Edmonds


Made In Chelsea Masked Ball Masquerade 2015

For those of you who watched ‘Made In Chelsea’ Season 10’s, Episode 11 ‘New Year’, you may have seen some of our unique designer masks featured in their Black & White Masquerade Masked Ball. We were asked to supply some masks in the black & white theme and decided to offer some up some of our unique designs – ones that you won’t find anywhere else.

We had a few more featured in the background of the show that you may see fleetingly, but the masks below can be seen on the main characters:-

Alik Afus was of course wearing our handcrafted leather mask (would he have chosen anything else!) calledAlik leather mask in Made In Chelsea the ‘Fausto‘, Men's Luxury Designer Black Patterned Leather Venetian Columbina Masquerade MaskAlik mask MIC season 10 masquerade








Sam Thompson (peeping out behind Alik there) was wearing our ‘Angular Black‘ mask which is a design we have created ourselves

Sam made in chelsea season 10 masquerade maskAngular Black Men's Masquerade Mask MICSam Made in Chelsea Maskquerade Season 10 New Year







Ollie Locke was wearing our handmade unique black & white ‘Curve’ mask – which is also available in many colour combinations.

Men's Black & White Curve Venetian MaskOllie Locke made in chelsea masquerade season 10













Victoria Baker Harber was wearing a special custom French black lace beaded mask we created especially for the show in a Swan shape.Victoria Made In Chelsea Lace Mask Masquerade Season 10 12439069_1110001939013048_3901034060910814565_n











We didn’t supply Louise or Binky’s mask on the show, but this unisex metal filigree eye mask is available on our site to purchase. Binky wore it plain and Louise wore a version with crystals. We can customise this for you with crystals on request. (top image shows Louise wearing it with Alik)

Metal Filigree Mask Made in Chelsea Louise Binky Season 10