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It’s all about the Prom

Cinderella Story PromThe ‘Masquerade Prom’ is one of the most elegant, exciting and imaginative themes you can have for your Prom. It oozes mystery, giving the mask wearer more self confidence to shine on your night by ‘hiding’ behind your mask. Masquerade can also work with any theme as well as a stand alone theme ie. celebrity masquerade, themed colours, circus masquerade or a full on traditional costume masquerade.

Masquerade Prom Masks

As well as the year long search to find that perfect dress, you have the ability to wow your fellow Prom goers with a masquerade prom mask that is unique to you and compliments your whole attire. If your dress is highly embellished, then you might prefer something less OTT and choose an elegant & simple prom mask, leaving the focus on your gown.

Or, you can go completely over the top and have an elaborate prom mask, decorated with an array of feathers, embellished with pearls & Swarovski Crystals.

Of course when dressing for a Masquerade, it isn’t as simple as finding any old mask. It is all about matching your face to the mask – which is crucial to both shaping and contouring your face to bring the best out of your gown. The fuller Venetian mask shape, for example, like the many decorated Venetian styles at Masque Boutique, covers the eyes, cheeks and sometimes the nose for the ultimate disguise. For a woman who isn’t afraid to let her personality shine through, there are masquerade prom masks that are less traditional or which offer less coverage than other models; such as the range of ‘metal filigree laser cut’masks, or the simple eye mask which covers just the eye area (like the stunning Ice Blue & Crystal Mask below). (see our Mask Buying Guide for sizing)

Luxury Gold & Pink Baroque Jewelled Venetian Masquerade Mask - image by Tory Smith

Full Shaped Ornate Baroque Prom Mask

metal filigree laser cut masks

Pastel Ice Blue Silver Pretty Sparkly Masquerade Eye Mask

Domino style eye mask in various colours

Black & White Burlesque Feather Mask

Masquerade Feather Prom Mask


If you are struggling to match your Prom Mask to your dress, then here are some suggestions of how to go about it:-

1) Choose a darker, lighter or mixed tones that compliment your existing dress colour.

Bello Prom Cerise & Diamante Prom DressPink & Silver Feather Lace Masquerade Eye Prom MaskRoyal_Blue_One_Shoulder_Prom_Dress_IDNI2557_original_img_3029bellopromWomen's Calista Royal Navy Blue & Silver Lace Feather Venetian Masquerade Prom Mask









2) Find a mask that matches the colour of your accessories or features of your dress:

Bello Prom dressesPetite Silver Sparkly Metal Flower Masquerade Prom Maskhigh-bateau-neckline-open-backed-full-length-prom-dress-uk-sizes-8-to-14-qpid-showgirlSilver Swarovski Petite Venetian Jewelled Beaded Masquerade Prom Mask









3) Colour match: like this elegant white gown with our gorgeous white & swarovski crystal venetian mask

White Bello Prom Dress luxury Swarovski white metal filigree laser cut flora metal masquerade prom mask

Gallery for inspiration.

For UK prom dresses, perfect for your Masquerade Prom, try these companies:-

For US Prom Dresses, try these:


Valentines Masked Balls

With Christmas & New Year over for another year,  the next big event has to be Valentines Day. What better way of spending the evening than to be whisked away to a romantic and glamourous Valentines Masked Ball by your beau!

Valentines Masked Balls are usually glam affairs and require Black Tie or period costume. We tend to think of the colour red when we think of Valentines, and a red masquerade mask would be a perfect way to accesorize a black, gold or silver outfit. Have a look at our red masquerade masks here but bear in mind that if you prefer another style on our website, we can of course change the colours of most of our masked ball masks to red or any other colour you require.

Here are a few ideas for the types of masquerade masks you could wear to a Valentines Masked Ball, keeping with the Red Mask colour scheme.

Luxury Red & Black Swarovski Crystal Bird Venetian Masquerade Mask fSerafina Red & Gold Venetian Feather Masquerade Mask

Handcrafted Red Leather Columbina Venetian Masquerade Mask

Red Joker Beethoven Venetian MaskRed & Black Gothic Rose Venetian Mask







Looking for some dress ideas? Then check out these gorgeous dresses, perfect for a Valentines Ball!

Valentines Red Dress by ElliotClaireshort red valentines dressromantic red valentines masked ball gownredroccoco18thcenturymaskedballgown









Listed below are a handful of Valentines Masked Balls for 2014 that we have found listed for the UK.  If you have one that you want to add, then please send us the relevant link and we will update our list.

Hosting a Valentines Masked Ball? If you want to offer a discount code for your guests in return for promoting our website then please contact us

The Ultimate Masked Ball Masks

For those of you who have a masquerade party lined up, be it for Christmas or New Year, the Masked Ball is the most extravagent of events. Setting the scene of glorious ball rooms filled with fairy lights, dancing candle flames and shimmering gold & silver decorations, it is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your surroundings by adorning yourself with an elegant gown and a beautiful masked ball mask, dressed with jewels, Swarovski crystals or glitter, that will sparkle throughout the night.

If you are looking for a unique, luxury masquerade ball mask to go with your outfit, then here are some suggestions that we put together for you.

The ultimate Black & Gold themed Masquerade Mask Outfit: (below, left) – this collection features an amazing Oleg Cassini beaded evening dress, matched with Alexander McQueen Embellished Wedge Pumps, Miguel Ases fan drop earrings and the must have, Swarovski Crystal Metallic Gold Bird Venetian Masquerade Mask (designed by us, of course!)

Ultimate Gold & Black Luxury Masked Ball Mask outfitUltimate Black & Silver Swan Masked Ball Masquerade Mask Party Outfit



The ultimate Masquerade Swan Mask Outfit:

Our beautiful, extravagent Limted Edition “Luxury Swan Mask”, adorned with Swarovski Element Clear Crystals, black beaded lace & an array of black feathers, is a perfect match for this divine Alice & Olivia Jessica Beaded Lace & Feather Peplum Gown. Complete the outfit with matching Swarovski Crystal element Cinderella Platform shoes.

Feel like a splash of colour this year? These masked ball masks in purple & navy blue might just be your style:-

The Ultimate Purple Masquerade Mask theme (below, left):-

This elegant Q-pid Showgirl Chiffon Dress is teamed with Nina Nina Elizia embellished shoes and our Samara luxury jewelled venetian masquerade mask (which features mixed purple feathers, diamante decoration and genuine Swarovski Crystals on the side). This purple masquerade mask can also be customised with extra feathers, stick or made in a different colour.

Purple masquerade mask outfit ideasNavy themed masked ball peacock masquerade mask


 The Ultimate Peacock Themed Masquerade Mask Outfit:-

Peacock masks are very popular and as luck would have it, we offer a large range of peacock masquerade masks & peacock venetian masks. This collection shows one of our Luxury Peacock Feather Masquerade Masks, (which is embellised with Swarovski crystals & a silver diamante peacock) aside a gorgeous navy blue evening gown (by Fox Gown) & silver evening shoes.

This particular mask is handmade to order & comes in many colour combinations. If you have a smaller budget, then we do offer other peacock masks.





Unique Halloween Masquerade Masks

Gothic Halloween Black & Silver Lace Venetian Skull & Spider Masquerade Mask For this year’s Halloween Masked Balls, we decided to create a few new ranges of Gothic Masks & Halloween masquerade masks in celebration of my favourite holiday.Raven puple & black Unique Gothic Skull Venetian Halloween Masquerade Mask

I wanted to design a few unique halloween masks that were a far cry away from the old rubber zombie heads and cheesy paper cut outs, so opted for some Decadent Gothic Venetian Masks covered in black lace and adorned with skulls and spiders, spider web veil Masks covered in Swarovski Crystals, and a gorgeous rich purple Venetian mask with a black skull as the centrepiece. These Halloween masquerade masks are all limited editions and handmade by us so grab yours while you still can.

Black Widow Lace Venetian Mask sOn the genuine leather side, our mask maker created some fabulous Half Phantom Horned Devil masks (available in black or red), a cool Skull Mask (in white or black) and a Black Phantom of the Opera Mask. All are available from our shop by clicking on the image or links.

Checkout some of our other Halloween Masquerade Masks below which are all unique to this site and made by us so you won’t find them anywhere else!



Red Devil Leather Halloween Masquerade MaskBlack & White Spider Web Halloween Venetian Masks for Couples, matching masksSpider Woman Red & Black Venetian Halloween Masquerade Mask Black Half Leather Phantom Devil One Eye Halloween Masquerade Maskwhite leather halloween skull masquerade maskBlack Leather Phantom of the Opera Masquerade MaskHalloween Pumpkin Orange Bow Masquerade Eye Mask Leather Pumpkin Eye Mask for Halloween or Thanksgiving

Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda Masked Ball 2013 Venice

dolce-and-gabbana-alta-moda-2013-venice-pictures-masquerade-ball-audrey-tatou-portraitImagine a whole flock of A-list celebrities, global fashion icons and top-class designers wearing the most fabulous bejewelled, appliquéd masks; now gather them together in 15th Century Venetian Palazzi at a party hosted by Dominic Dolce and Stefano Gabanna themselves. You have just imagined D&G’s latest Alta Moda event: their Venetian Masked Ball. So you can understand why all of us here at Masque Boutique nearly burst with excitement when we heard about the event, and got dangerously close to swooning when we saw the pictures.

Held in the opulent Palazzo Pisani Moretta, a 15th century waterfront Palace, the Ball followed D&G’s Alta Moda Couture show. This high end fashion dolce-and-gabbana-alta-moda-2013-venice-masked-ball-green-butterfly-masquerade-maskshow, which launches D&G’s Autumn/Winter Alta Moda collection, is in its third year, and finishes off a circuit of Haute Couture events. This year, masks were everwhere! Eye masks adorned with precious metals and gems were frequent sights both on and off the catwalk, which shows just how current they are.  A highlight of the show has to have been a sleek dress made from a white lace bodice and a green silk skirt (right) with cut-out rococo patterning; the whole outfit was set off perfectly by a sumptuous emerald butterfly masquerade mask.

At the masked ball itself, each attendee was given one of D&G’s own Alta Moda masks; unusual for an event such as this, the masks were worn for the entire evening, and so were integral to the ambience of the Ball. A favourite of ours is the jewel-encrusted masquerade mask, sported by actress and model ‘Audrey Tautou’ (top left), whose peach flower truly complimented her satin sash and lifted the darkness of her sultry lace dress.

dolce-and-gabbana-alta-moda-2013-venice-pictures-masquerade-ball-anna-dello-russoWe couldn’t finish without mentioning Anna Della Russo’s gloriously decadent outfit (left); she looked like a 21st century Marie Antoinette in a frothy silk and lace tiered skirt and richly embroidered cropped bodice with wide engageante sleeves. Nevertheless, the most remarkable piece of her ensemble has to have been her head gear: a precisely detailed scale model of a three-masted sailing ship – which was called the ‘ADR’ – bobbed up and down on the buoyant waves of her curled wig. The outfit was completed by a suitably extravagant gold eye mask.

D&G’s Alta Moda collection is notoriously expensive and exclusive, with a client list of just 400: one of their outfits would set you back the price of a large central London flat. However, if you want to keep up with this latest trend, head over to our Custom & Bespoke page where we can custom make a suitably fashionable and utterly unique venetian masquerade mask to accompany you to the hottest of this year’s Autumn and Winter events.

Visit our Luxury One of a Kind Unique Masquerade Mask section for some ideas of what we can make. Any mask design can be covered in jewels or crystals and have feathers or flowers added by request.