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An 18th Century Masked Costume Ball

How to do 18th Century costume for a Masked Costume Ball:-

For those of you that follow my Facebook page, you will see that recently I attended a 3oth Birthday party in the theme of 18th Century costumes and masks.

It was an exciting event for me as the last time I dressed up in said period costume, was for my own Wedding in Venice. I really wanted this time to get my costume right and wear a wig – something I didn’t get chance to do for my wedding as they had apparently ‘ran out’ of them on the day. (Long story, but it was Carnivale time & very busy for costume hire!)

One month to go….

Luckily, I have the most wonderful seamistress who lives on my street. She only charges by the hour (a pittance if you ask me) and so after finding a gorgeous pattern for a Robe a la Francaise (i.e  the dress with the long train coming from the neck), I then bought some beautiful (albeit expensive) silk dupion in an Ice Blue colour and gave it to her to decipher to make the overcoat.an_18th_century_masked_costume_ball Read More…