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Made In Chelsea Black & White Masquerade Ball

Well, last night I sat down to watch Made in Chelsea in anticipation of the indulgent ‘Black & White Masquerade Ball’, hosted by Mark Francis. The reason why I was especially excited to see this particular episode is that I had been asked to supply some masks for the show.

As always, the theme of Black & White is a popular choice for Masked Balls as it’s easy to style, always looks fabulous and elegant and even the budget masks can look much more exclusive than normal.

Below is a selection of the masks from the show. Some are limited editions so if they aren’t in stock, please do contact us to see if we can make something similar or order one in for you.

Made in Chelsea Alex in Leather masquerade mask Made in Chelsea Andy in fashion stepped mask Made in Chelsea Francis in Nose Mask

Black & White Venetian Leather Mask Made in Chelsea

Exclusive design by us, this Genuine Leather mask was worn by Alex in Made in Chelsea

Black Gloss Long Nose Venetian Mask

This genuine venetian made long nose mask is handpainted by us and was worn by Francis in Made in Chelsea

Deluxe Alternative Black Katherine Vampire Diaries Mask Made in Chelsea

Genuine venetian metal filigree mask with Swarovski crystals, was worn by Binky in Made & Chelsea

White Leather Phantom of the Opera Masquerade Venetian Mask

Exclusive design by us, this genuine leather handcrafted Phantom of the Opera mask was worn by Josh in Made in Chelsea

Bocca Black Venetian Masquerade Mask Made in Chelsea Jamie

Exclusive design by us, this genuine venetian base features a trim with antique devils face. Worn by Jamie in Made in Chelsea

Ascot White & Black Swan Mask

This mask was worn by one of the extras in Made in Chelsea. Swan design with handpainted swirls & roses. Designed by us.

Fashion Stepped Black Cutout Masquerade Venetian Mask

Fashion Stepped mask as worn by Andy in Made in Chelsea