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Which Valentines Mask for your Masked Ball

As the dark Winter nights begin to get lighter, the leftover Christmas treats have all been eaten and you think all the celebrating has been done….. well don’t forget Valentines Day!

My first ever experience of a Masquerade was actually on Valentines day in London many many years ago. My housemate had invited me and as masks weren’t widely available in those days (I’m not that old – honestly!), I decided to make my own. At the time, I worked in Stained Glass Conservation and used my creative skills to put together (what turned out to be a very heavy mask!) a card creation which had lots of copper wire coming out of the top which was wrapped around different copper-foiled coloured glass.

So for those who like to celebrate this romantic day, what better way than to attend a Valentines Masquerade Ball. Perfect for couples, first dates and singles – the masquerade lends itself to an air of mystery, intrigue and excitement.

Aside from the dress, the most important item you need to choose is the mask. A Valentines Ball is all about elegance and romance and this should be portrayed in your mask.

Personally I love the colour red with this theme. Either as a dress (there are some stunning dresses out there in this colour) or, on the mask. Black & red works perfectly – as does silver and red.

Here are a few ideas that could work as your Valentines Mask:-

Monsoon Black & Red Venetian Crystal Peacock Mask Luxury Red & Black Swarovski Crystal Bird Venetian Masquerade Mask fRed Diamond Venetian Nose MaskRed & Black Gothic Rose Venetian Mask Antonio Red & Gold Venetian Paper mache Half MaskWine & Gold Music Maskone of a kind black & red embelllished feather mask bwomens red & black feather flower valentines masquerade mask











If you are looking at attending a Valentines Masquerade Ball, then have a look at a few of these events for 2016:-

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