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Vampire Diaries Masquerade Ball

Vampire Diaries Metal Masquerade MaskFollowing the popular T.V series such as Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries, both have recently featured Masked Balls in their story-lines, further increasing the popularity of wearing Masquerade Masks.

As you can see from the video below (a clip from last night’s episode titled ‘Masquerade’), mask styles vary including everything from the more traditional Venetian masks to the latest style in lightweight metal filigree laser cut masks. One of these was worn by the elegant Katherine Pierce, aptly named the ‘Katherine Mask‘ . This gorgeous metal mask, made in Venice, is covered in genuine Swarovski crystals – adding a touch of glamour to an already elegant mask.

What about the men? Mostly wearing the classic Genuine Venetian styles of masks, Damon adds exception by going for a deep black leather masquerade mask. Want something similar? We have a similar style here.

Why Masked Balls?  Well quite simply, they invoke a sense of glamour, intrigue, mystery and opulence. What more could you ask for at a party?

Masked balls are a perfect theme for a party – perhaps a special occasion such as an important Birthday party or wedding reception and are also great as fund raisers for charities.