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A Halloween Masquerade

Halloween Masquerade Masks Halloween – my favourite holiday of the year. It beats my Birthday and blows Christmas out of the water. Why do I love it so much? Because of the fun, the costumes, the masquerade parties and the imaginative decorations. With Halloween, anything goes. My first taste of Halloween was as a child… read more about A Halloween Masquerade

Women's red leather halloween devil masquerade mask

Sex Party Secrets – Masked

Some of you may have been watching the recent Channel 4 documentary called ‘Sex Party Secrets’ which “enters the hidden world of the UK’s self-proclaimed ‘sexual elite’, meeting the meticulously vetted guests fulfilling their fantasies at exclusive sex parties” For those that didn’t turn off the T.V in shock, you will have seen the guests… read more about Sex Party Secrets – Masked

50 Shades of Grey – Masks

With the latest release of the infamous ‘50 Shades of Grey‘ Movie, we are seeing an influx of customers looking for that perfect accessory to re-inact some of the bedroom scenes. An erotic style mask is one of the items that can work perfectly well at both a Masked Ball and in the bedroom, and… read more about 50 Shades of Grey – Masks

Tis the Season to be Masked

With the Autumn shedding its last few golden leaves and the dark nights fast approaching, we turn to the forthcoming Festive season to brighten up our grey days. With parties galore running throughout November & December – all leading up to the ultimate New Year Party,  Masked Balls in are full swing and are as… read more about Tis the Season to be Masked